Have Any Questions?

1Where are you located?
Address: 55 S. Dixie Hwy St. Augustine FL, 32084
2What is the best way to contact RockIT Solutions?
Email will always be the most efficient way to contact us. RockIT’s goal is to service our community in the most effective way possible, and having emails to ensure all parties are able to maintain clear communication. We are available M-F from 9-5, and emails will get quick response during the work week. Communication for business purposes should be kept to our office line, and during the work week. We do not accept text messages to our office line, as we feel it is critical for success and efficient communication for our line of work to discuss matters verbally or via email.
You can also reach out to us through our Contact page.
3I’m not Tech Savvy. It is crucial that you can anticipate the needs of my company, without adding extra things I don’t need. How do you determine what is right for me?
We pride ourselves on being a proactive IT company, rather than reactive. We anticipate the needs of your business, based on in depth conversation, to ensure we are meeting and exceeding the expectations of your company. Our team will work with you, one on one to make certain everything we discuss is clear, concise and agreed upon. We offer suggestions and insight based on professional business practices, which we have found to be beneficial. Each company and their needs are unique, which is why we have a process to onboard new clients, to ensure we are meeting each and every request, covering all areas of your company’s requirements. We do offer suggestions for sales, to promote product we believe in, to better serve you and offer services to modernize, cultivate, and help your business grow, thrive and excel.
4How big should my company be to benefit from professional IT services?
All businesses, regardless of employee count, can benefit from professional IT services. We are more than a ‘break-fix’ business, our goal is to help grow our local companies, and ensure your success.
5We already have an IT company- how do we transition to RockIT Solutions?
Our team is available to help the transition period, starting with a simple conversation about what our services entail, and what your business needs are. After you have made a decision, we are here for support in all software change overs, procedure implementation, and general support.
6What is a Managed Service Agreement?
A Managed Service Agreement is a written and signed document between us, RockIT Solutions, and you, the client. This agreement allows us to manage your business IT infrastructure, providing support and education so that you can focus on the important aspects of your business. This allows a clear advantage over your competition, as you are no longer focused on the back end of your company, but rather devoting time to build your brand and give your customers the experience they deserve with your company.
7Do I need a Managed Service Agreement?
Our service agreements serve more purpose than just having a contract. Our agreements act as a base price for services, computers, and network equipment, including blocks of service hours that that are included for support. We recommend an agreement, over non-contract work as our contract customer always come first. We prioritize services to those who sign with us, to ensure that your company is back up and running from any issue, per the agreement.
8How much is a Managed Service Agreement?
Our agreements vary on a case by case basis. Each company and their needs are unique, it is only fitting that the agreement is as such. This is discussed after the initial meeting where we ascertain the specific needs of your company, and can more accurately determine the proper services for you and your business needs.
9We already have an existing network, but it is constantly causing issues. Can you revamp our network, while minimizing work stoppage?
The short answer is yes, we can. The specific details of the network change will be discussed prior to work starting, to properly determine the scope of the issues at hand. Need new cabling? We can do that, as we schedule times to ensure we hit your company at its slowest time. New workstation installations? We setup the computers before we come onsite, to ensure a fluid change over with minimum stoppage. If there are cases where we have no choice but to interfere with daily function, we work closely with your business needs and work around a time frame that suits you, to ensure your company feels as little of the work stoppage as possible.
10Why should we choose RockIT Solutions over your competition in the area?
Here at RockIT, we pride ourselves on our work. Our number one goal is to ensure that the local businesses in our area are taken care of, in all aspects. We are not a company that ‘nickel and dimes’ for every service, rather, our mission is to provide excellent services to promote the small business mentality in our area. Our team consists of a small workforce that is dedicated to the facilitation of small businesses, to create a local network environment of businesses we rely on, promote and endorse.
11I'm already a customer, how do I access my tickets and invoices?
The most efficient way to view your outstanding or paid invoices, and any open tickets is through our RockIT Client Portal. That link is: https://na.myconnectwise.net/support/index.htm?Company=rockit
If you cannot access your information, please reach out to us so we can ensure you have all the permissions to view your account! Once you have permissions, you can log in with the associated email, create your own password and you are all set! This is the easiest way for you to be in control of your account!

Call RockIT Solutions today for any of your business IT needs. We look forward to helping you!

St. Augustine – 904-429-5104 and Palm Coast – 386-597-1713

Email – [email protected]